Irakli Mikeladze continues meetings with population
22 September 2015

City Council’s majoritarian deputy in the airport administrative district-Irakli Mikeladze continues meetings with population. Together with deputy, the meeting was attended also by City Council members, the faction "Georgian Dream" Chairman – Tamaz Turmanidze, Vice-Mayor – Bagrat Manvelidze, a representative of the mayor - Roman Dumbadze, the assistants of mayor’s representative – Tariel Shervashidze and Suliko Gogolishvili. Representatives of the City Council and City Hallbrowsed  I and III Adlia deadlocks, also Khimshiashvili and Gurieli rehabilitated streets and acquainted with the problems of the local population.
The locals said that at this stage their major problem is out of order drainage channel, also is an issue of water and sewage systems for the settlement. Gurieli street population stressed the fact that the Touring Car are often held in airport highway, which leads to noise and inconvenience for residents. Residents of the road asking for fixing surveillance cameras and the speed regulatory signs. Water and sewage systems is a common problem for the airport’s all administrative districts and the City Council and the City Hall are actively working on the solution of this issue. As for the noise from the highway, municipal representatives said, that the request will be considered and the relevant departments will be informed in order to fix up this problem. Works, provided with project have been completed on the above mentioned streets at the moment: roads coated with asphalt, lighting poles, drainage collectors are made. For the amenities of Adlia I deadlock from the city’s budget-182 000, for Adila III deadlock - 220 000, for Khimshiashvili street-198 934, and for Gurieli street-247 000 lari were spent.
On the above mentioned streets works will be performed by the winner companies in tender: ltd “Roads”,”Zimo7” and “Bond 2009”.

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