Financial and Economic Development Commission Meeting
28 May 2021

Members of Commission discussed issues connected with the traveling by municipal transports. According to their decision 31771 beneficiaries will use this project, in particular beneficiaries of social center of old age, veterans, beneficiaries with 0-70 000 points, disabled person, children having status of disabled, pupils, staff of educational institutions and junior police official (whose salary is not more than 625 GEL monthly), students, pensioners, staff of kindergarten and library, staff of professional college “Black Sea” (whose salary is not more than 625 GEL monthly), lonely parents, beneficiaries of trafficking and victims of violence.
Members of Commission also discussed issue connected with giving living area to the families with six and more children and age of elder child should not be more than 24 years. Living apartment will be from 100 square meters to 130 square meters, at this stage to 16 families will be given apartments.

Commission meeting was held by the Chairman of Financial and Economic Development Commission. Meeting of City Council will be held on 31th of May, at 11 o’clock.

Visitors: 347