Public Discussion of the Strategic Plan
18 April 2018

Transport infrastructure development strategic plan has been discussed at the session hall of the City Council today.

The submitted project, which is to be approved at the comming session by the City Council, describes (2018-2030) sustainable urban development strategic plan in Batumi City. The goal of the project is to offer such transport decision to every resident, which will provide the access to basic places of destination and services, improve passengers and cargo transportation efficiency and effectiveness of expenses, air and noise pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption, etc.
The project, which has been treated for almost three years, is being implemented by sponsoring of UNDP and the Global Environmental Fund(GEF). The project partners are the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia and Batumi municipality.
Public discussion was attended by representatives of the City Council, Ajarian Government, Patrol Police, carrier companies, NGOs and other stakeholders.

Visitors: 618