Day of Georgian Language
14 April 2018

On 14th of April, day of Georgian language was celebrated. Connected with this day, the Chairman of City Council, members, Mayor of City, Chairman of Ajara Government and Chairman of Supreme Council, together with the representatives of Ministry and other institutions, gathered near Batumi Drama Theatre and graced memorial with flowers. This day is connected with the events of 14th April, 1978 year, when there was threat to Georgian language to lose status of state language, but population of Georgia, together with the intelligentsia stood against it. 

There were mass rebellions in Tbilisi for protection of the dignity of language.
Participants of protest action demanded to legitimize Georgian Language as state language. Similar actions were carried out in Batumi.
The government became forced to satisfy demands of demonstrates. According to the 75 article of Constitution, Georgian language was declared as the state language of Georgia.

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