Extraordinary meeting of City Council
11 April 2018

Today was carried out extraordinary meeting of City Council, which was opened with the minute of silence. The members of City Council expressed sorrow towards the accident happened on 5th of April in Tkibuli mine, which caused victim of six people.
The meeting was continued according to the issues foreseen by the agenda; one of the main themes for discussion was definition of territory for construction of new zoo and discussion of the project for construction. According to the order, the territory for construction of the new zoo is assigned on the territory of Chakvi, nearby the territory of Batumi Botanical Garden. Transposition of the zoo from the territory of Batumi Central Park and construction of the new zoo will not cause budget expenses, as it will be given by fund of “Kartu”.
The territory of the Central Park where was zoo located will become free for afterwards development of the park. The members of City Council also approvedforms of minutes proving winning in auction, purchase contract and certificates proving ownership. According to the new resolution mechanism of spending reserve fund from the budget became concrete and was planned in details in what period, when and in what case will be given material or other aid to the citizens. According to this rule such paymentswill be financed which are not foreseen by the municipality budget, among them are: natural disasters, events of restoration of infrastructure, rent payment for the damaged families, ensuring of the families with temporary living areas, expenses of medicines for treatment and operations, expenses connected with the improvement of social-economic state of suffered people.

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