Majoritarian of City Council met citizens of Tamari District
30 January 2018

Majoritarian deputy of Tamari District, Deputy Chairman of Batumi City Council, Tamaz Salukvadze met citizens in administrative unit and get informed with the current maintaining works. 

Majoritarian deputy of the district meets citizens every Monday from 16:00. Member of City Council says that he knows very well problems of the district, citizens often ask to help in everyday problems, and will it be social, health or other problems. Today, for example the chairman of co-operative “Ertoba” Nino Revishvili-asked greening of the yard, resident of Tbeti Street Beglar Chakhvadze asked repair of the roof of living house. From the meeting it became clear that it is necessary to change bulbs of street light in so called refugee settlement. The arrangement of such problems that are in the competence of self-government, of course is possible and we settle it together with the services of City Hall. Though, unfortunately, there are such issues that are out of the competence of City Council, in this case we give consultation to the citizen, in what form to address corresponding services, we help in the communication with corresponding representatives of service. By the said of majoritarian deputy, it is necessary that citizens know priority directions of city budget and that programs, which are fulfilled by the budget of municipality, this include health and social programs, infrastructure development, greening and strengthening of co-operatives, also it is very important to have their participation in the process of formation of the budget, to have active citizen, who knows principles of self-government, this help us to plan the budget of next year.
The clear example of it is on Tamar Mephe Avenue planning of construction of bridges for pedestrians. During the years this was great problem for pedestrians, this was the reason of often car accidents. This demand of population was considered in the current budget and its construction will be started in the nearest future.
Today also Tamaz Salukvadze went to see maintaining services of the streets, now the maintaining works are going on two streets- I.Noneshvili and J.Katamadze Streets, asphalt is covered on the streets, borders are maintained, also drainage channels, drainage wells of reinforced-concrete, road marks. Analogue works will be done on different streets.

On the maintaining of 18 streets in Tamari District last year from the budget was separated 4 479 639,11 GEL, works stared in May, 2017 year and its finish is planned till 1 of June, 2018 year, during last year 13 streets were maintained, already is finished: Agaraki St, I.Kazinetsi St, J.Katamadze deadlock, Shromis Street, S. Diasamidze Street, I.Noneshvili deadlock, Tamar Mephe deadlock, Kh. Lortkifanidze Street, Z.Tchitchinadze Streets, Nobel Brothers Street, II turn of Nobel Brothers and I turn of Nobel Brothers. ხ. Works are fulfilled by the company won in tender LTD “Bondi-2009”. By the said of deputy of City Council during the meeting with the citizens time by time will be done presentation of programs foreseen by the budget.


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