Regular meeting of City Council
26 December 2017

Today, at the regular meeting of City Council, members of City Council besides affirmation of the budget of 2018 year discussed 14 issues foreseen by the agenda.
Members of City Council supported the plan of waste management of Batumi municipality. Receipt of the issue is connected with the article 13 of “waste management code” of Georgia. According to the given article, plan of management of municipal waste is frame document; according to which municipality will manage waste and will fulfill those obligations that are charged on it according to the acting legislation. Members of City Council supported issue of formation of “Gender Equality Council” of Batumi Municipality City Council also affirmed regulations of the council and personnel. The changes were made in the personnel of standing commissions.
Particularly, Roin Zoidze joined Infrastructural Development Issues Commission of Batumi City Council and Gocha Mgeladze from membership of Health and Social Issues Commission shifted to Financial and Economic Development Commission. According to the decision received at the meeting, the mayor of City Hall was given consent, to give non-living area situated on #6 Z.Gamsakhurdia St, 65.50 square meter being in the property of municipality, with direct ordering rule, in terms of 5 year with the right of selling usage (usufruct) to N(N)LE “Youth Organization Changes for Equal Rights”.

By the decision of the members of City Council, technical mistakes were improved “about giving of personal property being in the membership of Batumi Municipality to Ajara Autonomous Republic free of charge”.
Members of City Councils supported “about giving of personal property being in the membership of Batumi Municipality to Ajara Autonomous Republic free of charge”. Particularly, this territory is on the territory of Batumi Seaside Park, 1879,00 square meters, also 1676,00 square meters.
At the meeting was also supported giving of 36,00 square meter property situated on #12 Z.Gamsakhurdia St, to Ajara Autonomous Republic free of charge”.
By the decision made at the meeting, administrative processes will be started for affirmation of plan connected with the development of concrete territories of Batumi. Aim of the receipt of the order, is to develop territory of Green Cape in the direction of resort and recreation, foreseeing preservation of its diverse physical-geographical conditions and cultural value.
Changes were made in “Affirmation of general plan of land-tenure” in №33 resolution of 29 September, 2017 year of Batumi Municipality City Council”, particularly changes were done in the title, preamble and in separate sub-paragraphs of resolution.
Members of City Council discussed “affirmation of agreement of special (zonal) agreement on the territory of Batumi and instructions of its payment”. Batumi City Council considered that the given resolution is received with the defense of legislation and connected with it, completely shares opinion of the legal department of Batumi City Hall’s office, due to this fact motivated written refusal was said to legal supervision organ, connected with invalidity of the named resolution.
The meeting of City Council was leaded by the chairman Suliko Tebidze. Today, before starting of regular meeting of City Council, at the meeting of bureau was registered faction-“Georgian Dream-Conservatives”, this faction was founded by three members of City Council-Natalia Dzidziguri, Neriman Tsintsadze and Mikheil Artmeladze. Based on the personal statement, to all three members was ceased membership in faction “Georgia Dream-Democratic Georgia”. Newly formed faction will be leaded by the member of City Council Natalia Dzidziguri.

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