Meeting of the Chairman of City Council with the representatives of NDI
11 December 2017

Today, the Chairman of City Council Suliko Tebidze met representatives of NDI (National Democratic Institute). The meeting was of informative character, representatives of the third sector congratulated Suliko Tebidze with the election as the chairman and presented to him regional coordinator of local self-governing programs-Irine Urushadze, who in the future will directly collaborate with our municipality. Meeting basically concerned future plans and citizens activity in the process of local self-governance, also planning of municipal budget. The Chairman of City Council thanked guests and expressed readiness in all future activities: -“My aim is to interest citizens to be involved in the process of the city governance, my wish is to gain more trust from people during these four years, I have cancelled days of the citizens receipt, as I have daily communication with them, any time my elector can come and meet me, we are open for media as well as for the non-government sector and for the all interested person”. The greeting also concerned carrying out trainings and planning of future collaboration.

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